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Our Frog River outpost cabin is located 90 air miles southwest of Muncho Lake high in the Cassiar Mountains right at the continental divide between the Pacific and Arctic watersheds.

This high mountain valley is flanked to the north and south by spectacular mountain ridges and peaks. The elevation of Frog River and its lakes is 3300 ft. A sandy beach in front of the cabin invites you to savor the long summer days.

The 7500 ft. high ridges to the north or south can be reached on daily wilderness hiking trips from your log cabin. The Frog River valley extends west into the Pitman River headwaters. The Pitman River feeds into the Stikine River which flows into the Pacific. Wander from the Arctic watershed at Frog River to the uppermost Pitman Lake in the Pacific drainage in less then 2 hours.

Very few people know that there is hotspring on the Frog River. A day trip from the cabin: canoe to the first rapids, a short portage, canoe 3 miles down the second lake, leave the canoe on the beach and hike for 1 hour downstream to the natural hotspring.

Animals frequently observed are moose, caribou and mountain goat. Bald eagles nest in the valley and wait for careless grayling to surface. Away from any signs of civilisation this undisturbed ecosystem is a nature lover's paradise.

Outpost cabin equipment
Foam-Mattresses, cutlery, basic kitchen utensils with a 2 burner propane stove and a propane lantern are in the cabin for your daily life in the wilderness. A solar shower bag and an out-house complete the amenities for the simple, but functionally equipped Frog River cabin.

Boats and motors as well as a canoe are part of the cabins equipment and can be used by our guests to fish and explore the Frog River.

When to visit
The Frog River outpost cabin is open from late May until October 5th.
Late May to late June Nature is awakening, the leaves are sprouting, enjoy almost 24 hours of daylight.
June to early August Feature long summer days and mild temperatures.
End of June until early Oct. The best fly-fishing for Arctic Grayling
First 3 weeks in Sept. Fall colors are very pretty.

For fishermen
This world class fly-fishing area is home to some of the largest Arctic Graylings known to bush-pilot Urs. The many streams, pools, inlets and rapids are classic fly-fishing waters. The diverse structure in the two narrow, but 6 mile long Frog River lakes hold many lake trout up to 20 lbs. Try trolling with a crocodile type spoon or jig with a mepps spinner.

Flight to Frog River
The Frog river wilderness outpost cabin is only accessible by floatplane. A spectacular 55 minute flight takes you from Muncho Lake over the Muskwa Kechika via the northern Rocky Mountain trench into the Cassiar Mountains and the secluded Frog River valley.