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BC Outpost Cabin Wilderness Adventure

Our rustic fly-in outpost log cabins are located on the shores of remote mountain lakes in the heart of the Northern Rocky Mountains and the Muskwa-Kechika wilderness area – known as the “Serengeti of the North”. With only one cabin on each lake you can be one with nature as you view the diversity of wildlife and scenery in this vast, untouched wilderness area accessible only by floatplane. Venture where only a few have been before and enjoy the tranquility and grandeur of Northern British Columbia’s great outdoors!

Our outpost cabins are all clean, well constructed units built in the traditional Yukon log building style and offer comfortable backcountry accommodation perfect for parties of two to six people.  All of the cabins are equipped with a wood stove, basic kitchen utensils, foam mattresses and an outhouse. Each of our outpost cabins also has a canoe, boats and outboard motors. These cozy cabins are the perfect wilderness getaway, ideal for anglers, adventurers and eco-tourists alike.

Enjoy spectacular mountain scenery, fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking and wildlife viewing. Each of our cabins offer a truly distinctive outdoor experience. Witness Moose and Cariboo at Netson Lake, marvel at the splendor of Frog Rivers astounding scenery or enjoy a leisurely day’s canoeing and fishing for Northern Pike at South Gataga Lake. All of our Cabins are excellent fishing locations for both spoon and fly fisherman. Our log outpost cabins truly have something to offer to any outdoorsman and are open annually from late May until Oct. 5th.